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What is BlueGem Unified Endpoint Security

Existing endpoint data protection solutions are based on a piece meal approach, solving one specific problem. This can be effective when threats are predictable. Now, it needs to change. BlueGem has a new approach. We believe, endpoint security solutions should be comprehensive and unified — secure access, secure collaboration, Data Loss Protection and E-Discovery as a single platform

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Unified Endpoint Security Is What Makes BlueGem Different

  • Enable faster responses to security threats and identify security vulnerabilities
  • Better visibility having all endpoint data integrated
  • Reduce costs - systems acquisition, operations and training - thus maximizing security investments

BlueGem end to end SSL

Cybercrime is a serious, and rapidly growing, threat. It’s not just large banks, financial institutions, and big retailers that are attacked, either. Microsoft reports that 20% of all small-to-mid-sized businesses have been targeted. In the U.S. alone, 15 million people each year are the victims of identity theft that results in financial loss.


Almost all secure web connections extensively rely on SSL (or https) technology. However, the internet security gaps exist in endpoints and browsers at where 80% of hackings occur. Unfortunately, SSL technology cannot address these gaps.


BlueGem has created an end to end SSL technology. It enables a SSL connection starting from a keyboard chip and se-curely delivers data to a cloud server. This new SSL technology secures end users from vulnerabilities existing today at endpoints, browsers and network.




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